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Excitement and Enhancing the Senses of Your Customers!

As an emerging entertainment and food category of it's own, Eatertainment combines the pleasures  of the palate with the joy of fun, excitement and enhancing the senses of your customers.  Dance Heads Recording Booths are the perfect fit in the Eatertainment Space.  Creating a Forever Memory that will be linked to your location, Dance Heads will not only create revenues but have customers taking home a Platinum DVD that will be a keepsake for a lifetime!  With Dance Heads Recording Booths you and your customers will "Be a Star! No Talent Required!"

Dance Heads, the innovative entertainment concept that took the world by storm is now available in a coin operated booth. Dance Heads superimposes participant's heads on professional dancer's bodies while they sing along to some of the greatest pop hits of all time. The outrageous effect is completed with fully animated backgrounds. Let your customers experience the thrill of becoming a pop star on their own music video DVD creating a memory that will last forever!

Dance Heads Recording Booths features the exclusive Dance Heads Virtual Spokesperson.  This innovation in customer communications provides:

  • Sales support in the form of our spokesperson on the external monitors to explain the Dance Heads experience to your guests in the language most used in your location (English, Spanish, French, Italian or Japanese)
  • Once in the booth the Virtual Spokesperson will visually talk your guests through their recording session and make sure to re-enforce the idea of purchasing up to two (2) Platinum DVDs.

Customers experiencing the fun and excitement of Dance Heads have commented that their Platinum DVDs are:

  • More than a stuffed animal or picture, the Dance Heads DVD will be a memento for years!
  • A great keepsake that will be shared with family and friends for years to come!
  • What a wonderful gift for the holidays and special events!
  • Better than a simple picture, it is a memory that creates laughter, smiles and fun!
  • A treasured digital recording of grandparents, parents and children to be shared!

Dance Heads Recording Booths attract attention, keep customers energized, smiling and promote your business as a destination location for years to come.  With so many song options and new content added routinely, Dance Heads Recording Booths will be the Coin Operated amusement that cannot be measured purely based on revenue but also knowing that customers will seek out your location so that they can experience the joy of Dance Heads where they can  "Be a Star! No Talent Required!"