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Make Your Own Music Video!

DH Recordings is the exclusive manufacturer of the coin operated Dance Heads Recording Booth featuring Dance Heads.  Dance Heads superimposes participant's heads on professional dancers' bodies while they lip sync along to some of the greatest pop hits of all time featuring original artists. The outrageous effect is completed with fully animated backgrounds. Experience the thrill of becoming a pop star on your own music video DVD creating a memory that will last forever!

Dance Heads started life in 2004 as an interactive entertainment system, letting party-goers lip-synch songs while superimposing their heads on professional dancers' bodies. With clients spanning the globe, demand began to build for the creation of a self contained coin operated system that allows guests the private experience of Dance Heads while taking home a Platinum DVD as a "Forever Memory!"

DH Recordings developed the Recording Booth in early 2007.  The initial prototype was introduced to the amusement industry at a major trade show in Orlando, Florida, USA, November 2007.  After gauging customer response and making user friendly modifications, final production units of the Dance Heads Recording Booth began shipping in March of 2008 with installations taking place in Europe, Japan and the United States.  Customer are laughing, smiling and thoroughly enjoying the Dance Heads experience.

DH Recordings, LLC is a privately held business located in Sarasota, Florida, U.S.A.